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KgpgInterface Class Reference

#include <kgpginterface.h>

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Detailed Description

Encrypt a file using gpg.

Definition at line 36 of file kgpginterface.h.

Public Slots

static QString checkForUtf8 (QString txt)
static QString checkForUtf8bis (QString txt)
static void delGpgGroup (QString name, QString configFile)
static bool getGpgBoolSetting (QString name, QString configFile)
static QStringList getGpgGroupNames (QString configFile)
static QStringList getGpgGroupSetting (QString name, QString configFile)
static QString getGpgSetting (QString name, QString configFile)
static int getGpgVersion ()
QString getKey (QStringList IDs, bool attributes)
void importKey (QString keystr)
void importKeyURL (KURL url)
void KgpgAddPhoto (QString keyID, QString imagePath)
void KgpgAddUid (QString keyID, QString name, QString email, QString comment)
void KgpgChangePass (QString keyID)
void KgpgDecryptFile (KURL srcUrl, KURL destUrl, QStringList Options=QStringList())
void KgpgDecryptFileToText (KURL srcUrl, QStringList Options)
void KgpgDecryptText (QString text, QStringList Options=QString::null)
void KgpgDeletePhoto (QString keyID, QString uid)
void KgpgDelSignature (QString keyID, QString signKeyID)
void KgpgEncryptFile (QStringList encryptKeys, KURL srcUrl, KURL destUrl, QStringList Options=QString::null, bool symetrical=false)
void KgpgEncryptText (QString text, QStringList userIDs, QStringList Options=QString::null)
void KgpgGetPhotoList (QString keyID)
void KgpgKeyExpire (QString keyID, QDate date, bool unlimited)
void KgpgRevokeKey (QString keyID, QString revokeUrl, int reason, QString description)
void KgpgSignFile (QString keyID, KURL srcUrl, QStringList Options=QStringList())
void KgpgSignKey (QString keyID, QString signKeyID, QString signKeyMail=QString::null, bool local=false, int checking=0)
void KgpgSignText (QString text, QString userIDs, QStringList Options)
void KgpgTrustExpire (QString keyID, QString keyTrust)
void KgpgVerifyFile (KURL sigUrl, KURL srcUrl=KURL())
void KgpgVerifyText (QString text)
void revokeover (KProcess *)
void revokeprocess (KProcIO *p)
static void setGpgBoolSetting (QString name, bool enable, QString url)
static void setGpgGroupSetting (QString name, QStringList values, QString configFile)
static void setGpgSetting (QString name, QString ID, QString url)
void slotverifyread (KProcIO *p)
void slotverifyresult (KProcess *)
void txtdecryptfin (KProcess *)
void txtreaddecprocess (KProcIO *p)


void addPhotoError (QString)
void addPhotoFinished ()
void addUidError (QString)
void addUidFinished ()
void badpassphrase (bool)
void decryptionfinished ()
void delPhotoError (QString)
void delPhotoFinished ()
void delsigfinished (bool)
void encryptionfinished (KURL)
void errormessage (QString)
void expirationFinished (int)
void importfinished (QStringList)
void missingSignature (QString)
void passwordChanged ()
void processaborted (bool)
void processstarted (QString)
void refreshOrphaned ()
void revokecertificate (QString)
void revokeurl (QString)
void signalPhotoList (QStringList)
void signatureFinished (int)
void signfinished ()
void trustfinished ()
void txtdecryptionfailed (QString)
void txtdecryptionfinished (QString)
void txtencryptionfinished (QString)
void txtencryptionstarted ()
void txtSignOver (QString)
void verifyfinished ()
void verifyOver (QString, QString)
void verifyquerykey (QString ID)

Public Member Functions

 KgpgInterface ()

Private Slots

void addphotoover (KProcess *)
void addphotoprocess (KProcIO *p)
void adduidover (KProcess *)
void adduidprocess (KProcIO *p)
int checkuid (QString KeyID)
void decryptfin (KProcess *)
void delphotoover (KProcess *)
void delphotoprocess (KProcIO *p)
void delsignover (KProcess *p)
void delsigprocess (KProcIO *p)
void encryptfin (KProcess *)
void expover (KProcess *)
void expprocess (KProcIO *p)
void importover (KProcess *)
void importprocess (KProcIO *p)
void importURLover (KProcess *p)
bool isPhotoId (int uid)
void openSignConsole ()
void passover (KProcess *)
void passprocess (KProcIO *p)
void photoreadover (KProcess *)
void photoreadprocess (KProcIO *p)
void readdecprocess (KProcIO *p)
void readencprocess (KProcIO *p)
void readprocess (KProcIO *p)
void readsignprocess (KProcIO *p)
void signfin (KProcess *p)
void signover (KProcess *)
void sigprocess (KProcIO *p)
void slotReadKey (KProcIO *p)
void trustover (KProcess *)
void trustprocess (KProcIO *p)
void txtencryptfin (KProcess *)
void txtreadencprocess (KProcIO *p)
void txtsignfin (KProcess *)
void txtsignprocess (KProcIO *p)
void updateIDs (QString txtString)
void verifyfin (KProcess *p)

Private Attributes

bool addSuccess
bool anonymous
bool badmdc
QString certificateUrl
bool decfinished
bool decok
QString decryptUrl
bool deleteSuccess
bool delSuccess
QString errMessage
int expirationDelay
int expSuccess
KURL file
QString keyString
int konsChecked
QString konsKeyID
bool konsLocal
QString konsSignKey
QString message
QString output
QCString passphrase
int photoCount
QStringList photoList
QString photoUrl
QString revokeDescription
int revokeReason
bool revokeSuccess
int signb
QString signID
bool signmiss
int signSuccess
int sigsearch
KURL sourceFile
int step
QString tempKeyFile
int trustValue
QString uidComment
QString uidEmail
QString uidName
QString userIDs

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